About Us

Who Are We?

Common Cents Casino Parties is locally owned and operated.

Tim and Renee Kevern took over ownership from the founder Sid Lawrence in 2016 after working with him for several years. They run the company from their home and operate out of a 4000 sq ft warehouse on their property.

Together they make a great team with Renee running the office and Tim keeping the warehouse organized. With minimal overhead we are able to keep prices competitive and with the help of our dealers, we keep the service optimal too!

Several teams of Lead dealers help us run multiple events each night. We train our dealers to be entertainers before they are dealers. Not only can they deal like a Vegas professional, they will make sure you are having fun at the same time.

Why Choose US?

We believe that all of our dealers are entertainers before they are dealers. Our staff is fun and personable. We often have as much fun at the events as the guests do. That being said we require all of our dealers to undergo training before they are released to deal their own tables.

Our tables speak for themselves. They look great and authentic. We use upgraded denominational chips for ease of play. When possible, we bring our padded swivel stools for the black jack tables.

We are a registered, licensed, and insured business. All of our dealers are employees which means we carry policies to cover their liabilities. Companies that use independent contractors can leave the venues or clients at risk by passing the risk.

When you choose Common Cents Casino Parties, it is No Gamble.

Become a Dealer

Common Cents Casino Parties add many dealers to our company each fall. We typically hold trainings one night per week so that dealers can learn a variety of games if they choose to.

No previous experience with casino games is necessary. We are looking for people who like to have fun. Most of our events are on weekends. A typical event has a 3 hour deal time, we ask that you are 15 minutes early and stay to break down the tables (usually less than 30 minutes). December is the busiest time of the year for us.

If you are interested, contact us and we can let you know when training begins.

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When you choose Common Cents Casino Parties, it is No Gamble.

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