A casino party is an event trying to capture some of the atmosphere of a casino while giving all those in attendance an enjoyable experience. They make great corporate events, weddings, and birthday parties to name a few. We offer a variety of table games as well as a few non-casino type games for those guests uncomfortable with the “betting”. Especially important is that these parties are 100% legal in Utah because no money is wagered and prizes are not awarded as a direct result of the outcome of any casino table. Here’s how a typical casino party might go…

Arriving and
Handing out Chips

As the guests arrive, they are greeted by the party host who hands them admission tickets. Happy hour commences, and then dinner is usually served.

When the casino opens, guests exchange their Admission tickets for chips at any casino table. A typical night would see each guest getting around $1000 in chips for the casino.

Casino Party

After the casino opens, guests may move with their chips from table to table and mingle. We offer many different games to keep your guests entertained including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold’em, Slots, and Bingo. These events provide the excitement of the games without the risk! Prepare for your guests to have an incredible time playing in our casino.

Last Hand and

for Prizes

When last hand is called, all of our dealers are involved in the exchange process. Guests who choose not to play the games may cash their Admission tickets in for vouchers. A drawing follows and prizes are awarded to the lucky winners. Everyone has a chance to win prizes whether they play the games or not. Prizes don’t have to be extravagant. People just like to win. Consider purchasing gift certificates from great restaurants, movies, or big-name stores. If your budget allows, go for the higher ticket items that can be displayed and draw the attention of the room.

We wouldn’t have a successful business for over ten years if it wasn’t. We adhere to the guidelines provided by Utah State law. Casino Night events ARE legal because no money is wagered.

The Utah Attorney General’s office has advised us that this activity is not considered gambling UNLESS prizes are awarded as a direct result of gaming activity. A player, for example, MAY NOT be awarded a prize for winning the most chips.

When “Last Hand” is called and played out at our events, guests exchange their chips for vouchers. A drawing takes place, and the lucky recipients win the employer-provided prizes. Prizes are awarded by way of a random drawing, not as a direct result of the outcome on any casino table. No money is ever wagered at our events.

We ensure that all guests receive vouchers whether they play the games or not, so everyone has a chance to win a prize. This method of awarding prizes is very common in Utah, and is not construed as gambling.

No. While these games are also played in actual casinos, there is no gambling involved.

Not quite. Casinos want the “house edge”. That’s how they build those tall buildings. We are all about having fun. That means we want your guests to be “in the chips” at the end of the evening so they can exchange them for several vouchers. More vouchers mean greater chances to win prizes.

We loosen our 21 tables up by paying 2 to 1 on a “Black Jack”. Casinos pay 3 to 2. We also deal the players’ cards face up in order to help everyone beat the dealers. If your guests have never played table games before, don’t fret. They’ll be playing with gusto in no time!

Craps tables can take your chips in a hurry when the dice are cold. We compensate by calling “do-overs” when the dreaded # 7 is rolled too often. We simply won’t allow the dice to get so cold that they tend to take everyone’s chips. Unlike casinos, we don’t need that “house edge” to stay in business.

All of our dealers have been trained in Vegas rules so that if you want the event to be played more like “the real deal”, we can tighten up and play things that way.

We purposely staff all of our Craps tables with three dealers (not one or two) so each dealer can take the players under their wings and coach them effectively through the betting process. We start with the basic bets on the table move on as the players feel comfortable.

Craps and Roulette are best played standing. When trailer and venue space allow we send our padded swivels stools for the black jack tables. Texas Hold’em require 10 standard height chairs. Most often venues provide these. For $15 we will bring 10 lifetime chairs to use if necessary.

Prizes don’t have to be extravagant. People just like to win. Consider purchasing gift certificates from great restaurants, movies, or big-name stores. If your budget allows, go for the higher ticket items that can be displayed and draw the attention of the room.

We have seen players get just as excited over a case of toilet paper (college events) as they have over the big screen TV. It’s all about the competition and having an opportunity to win.

At the end of the evening, chips are traded for vouchers at every casino table. We recommend an exchange rate of one voucher for every $100.00 if the tables are being played tight, and $500 for 1 if the tables are being played loose.

The guests who choose not to play the games may exchange their Admission tickets immediately for prize tickets. Everyone at your event has a chance to win a prize whether they play the games or not.

Yes! We furnish the two-part vouchers and a drum at no additional charge. We also load every trailer with prize buckets if you want guests to choose the prize to go for. You provide the prizes.

Tipping our dealers is not expected. Dealers do occasionally receive tips from players who have a fantastic time and want to show their appreciation monetarily. We don’t allow “tip jars” on our tables and we do not solicit tips.

The typical dealing time is 3 hours. When this time frame nears the end, your guests may be having such a great time that they won’t want to stop. If this is the case (and it often is) you may choose to extend the party another hour.

We charge $25.00 per dealer for the fourth hour. We can add this cost on to your bill or you can pay the dealers yourself. The decision to extend the fun can be made as you monitor the party.

Most of our events are played out in the Salt Lake and the surrounding counties. We have traveled around the state and into surrounding states. Call us and we’ll bring the casino to you.

Every casino party is unique. Some venues have very poor load/unload access. Others have an undersized elevator, which means more manpower to lug the tables up and down the steps.

We are very good about responding to quote requests when we receive them. Call us or fill out our form with as much information as you can. We’ll have the quote to you the following day.